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Show Alert: J'acousmatic vol . 4 - October 30th @ Pressed on Gladstone, 8pm, $10

Shortly before ONMC's next series event on November 4th, our friends at J’acousmatic are putting on a fantastic show with vol. 4 of their concert series for experimental, electroacoustic, and other new music.

Details Below: 


Scant Intone \ Glitch /Drone/Minimal (Vancouver)
Tiffany Paige \ Live/Vocational/Hysteria (Montreal)
Ginny \ Psych/Funk/Country (Ottawa)
A_Dontigny \ Highbrow/Improv/Noise (Ottawa)…

Spectre Sounds is a concert of sound art performances. Four solo performing acts presenting original compositions and improvisations. It will be noise, improvisation, experimentation, hi-fi electronic sound, people playing lots of instruments, “dude with laptop”, someone singing and screaming, buzzing sounds, spacing out, totally hardcore, someone pressing play on a tape deck, knobs everywhere, really patient, courageous, beautiful, personal and unique work. Yes, it’s spooky, too! Four roughly 30-minute sets from four different artists. Bring your friends and co-workers (so you can show them a good time).

Friday Oct 30, 8-11pm
Pressed (750 Gladstone)

J’acousmatic is a concert series based in Ottawa, showcasing the work of local and visiting artists who work in the medium of sound. The series covers many genres and styles, including electroacoustic, noise, experimental electronic, acousmatic, improvised, and otherwise new music. Past artists featured at J’acousmatic have included Allison Cameron (Toronto), Ellen Moffat (Saskatoon), Sundar Subramanian (Ottawa), Instant Places (Gatineau), Notaations (Ottawa/Gatineau), Theaternia and Hard Science (Ottawa), Mark Molnar (Ottawa), and John Sobol (Ottawa), among others.

Artist Info:

/\v^/\v^/\v^/\v^ A_Dontigny (Ottawa) ^v/\v^/\v^/\v^/\

From ElectroCD: “He devotes himself eagerly to the numerous challenges offered by the new forms of modern and contemporary improvised musics…His works comprise multiple subtle quotes and references, and his acoustic palette adapts to many different aesthetics… A_Dontigny regularly presents his work in live settings and in various festivals, such as Rien à voir, Mutek, Périphériques and AlgoRythm(e)s (Montréal), Clonk (Toronto), Digidome (Saskatoon), Festival de musique actuelle de Victoriaville, Résonances (Saint-Nazaire, France), Haunted Folklore (Brussels, Belgium), Totally Huge New Music Festival (Perth, Australia), and Electrofringe New Media Arts Festival (Newcastle, Australia).”

/\v^/\v^/\v^/\v^ Ginny (Ottawa) ^v/\v^/\v^/\v^/\

Solo Project from musician Lesley Marshall (aka LESLEY 666/ LESLEY DEMON / LESLEY WOMAN / LES MCRAD / LES MARS / LESLEY ELORA / LESLEY MARSHALL), an award-winning media artist who specializes in documentation, music videos, and curation. She is also bass player and vocalist for the Ottawa-based “spooky beach” band, Bonnie Doon.

/\v^/\v^/\v^/\v^ Tiffany Page (Montreal) ^v/\v^/\v^/\v^/\

Tiffany is a current MFA student at the University of Concordia, with a focus on performance, sound art, installation and drawing. Her work is both personal and cathartic, with influences ranging from Lydia Lunch to Toddlers and Tiaras. Interests in the phenomena of female hysteria, the virgin/whore dichotomy, the connections between BDSM and Catholicism and the iconography of feminine stereotypes in popular culture fuel her tragicomical visions. Past projects include Lipstickface (nympho/pop/noise) and collaborations Aunty Panty (no-wave/burgerpunk) and Dolly Deluxxxe (doll-worship/soundscapes). She is currently performing in the revenge-seeking duo Jilted X with collaborator Esther Splett.

/\v^/\v^/\v^/\v^ Scant Intone (Vancouver) ^v/\v^/\v^/\v^/\

From Discogs: “Scant Intone is the solo project of Canadian artist Constantine Katsiris dedicated to experiments in modern audio. The output varies from stark minimalism to densely complex textures, incorporating elements of field recordings, raw data and digital sound synthesis. Focused on researching psychoacoustics, waveform anomalies and various audio phenomena discovered while exploring the frequency spectrum, his compositions are experiments in abstract electronic music with influences including ambient, lowercase, microsound, noise, glitch and drone. As a live performer he has brought his sound to many notable venues, such as La Société des Arts Technologiques [Montréal], Whitechapel Art Gallery [London] and Brut Konzerthaus [Vienna]. He is also the founder and director of the Panospria net-label.”

Curtis Perry