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ONMC Member Composer Anita Pari to Launch New CD May 24th 2019 (Free Admission)

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Recorded in partial fulfillments of the requirements for her Bachelor of Music degree, ONMC Member Composer Anita Pari’s CD launch will take place at the Steinway Piano Gallery on May 24 at7:30pm.

Admission is free, and CDs will be available at the event.



I - Lento, rubato - Moderato - Lento, grave

II - Lento

III - Moderato, pesante

IV - Allegro - Adagio

Anita Pari, cello

Nicole Presentey, piano


Urban Movement

Anita Pari, piano

Composer’s Notes:

“Escape” is a sonata for cello and piano that I composed between 2016 and 2018. Its four movements are linked by their related emotional states, with inspiration drawn from elements of my own experience with mental illness. The first movement presents an introduction to the sonata’s musical materials. Rather than focusing on a single state of mind, it travels through different areas and touches on a variety of emotions. However, the second movement remains in a mood of lonesomeness and desperation, while the third movement is controlled by feelings of anxiety and incessant thoughts represented by a three-note ostinato. The sonata reaches a peak of intensity near the midpoint of the final movement, and eventually closes with simpler textures that convey a sense of tranquility and peace. Throughout the movements, polytonality, ostinatos, and frequent pedal points form unifying features.

During the summer of 2017, I composed “Directions,” a work for solo piano. The title refers to the ebb and flow of the scalar passages that thread through the composition. In this piece, I explored motivic writing through varying moods and musical characters. Besides the scalar passages, a falling minor second motive is prominent in every section of the work. There is a progression from a slow and pensive beginning to busy, rhythmic sections in the middle and end. Although I have worked with many contrasts in “Directions,” my goal has been to preserve a motivically-generated unity from start to finish.

I completed “Urban Movement” in 2016. As I would listen back to its driving rhythmic ostinatos, I often imagined scenes of a noisy city bustling with activity, leading to the title “Urban Movement.” Prominent musical features include a modified minor blues harmonic progression in the first section, as well as a regular alternation between 2/4 and 5/8 time signatures in the second section. These two sections and their themes form the basis of the work’s musical materials, supplemented by brief interludes. “Urban Movement” is a quick, virtuosic piece, and one that I always enjoy performing!

Curtis Perry