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Mackenzie Carroll


Mackenzie Carroll is a Canadian contemporary composer and classical/contemporary double bassist currently based in Ottawa.  She is presently studying towards a master’s in music composition at the University of Ottawa with John Armstrong. Mackenzie had previously completed her Bachelor of Music on the double bass at the University of Victoria in 2017 studying with Alex Olson and had spent numerous summers in Karr Kamp with world renowned double bassist Gary Karr. Due to injury Mackenzie had to find another path in music and composition became a perfect fit. She had already found a love for composition before she decided to pursue it at the graduate level and this love has only blossomed since beginning her degree. 

Mackenzie’s projects include solo instrumental music, small and large chamber music, and as of recently orchestral music. Mackenzie has had premieres and workshops in both Victoria and Ottawa and has worked with composers such as John Armstrong, Harry Stafylakis, Ian Cusson, Bramwell Tovey, David Clenman, and Christopher Butterfield. 

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