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Benjamin Sajo

Benjamin Sajo is an Ottawa-based composer and educator. His love of comparative mythology, multiculturalism, folklore, social justice, literature and visual art inspires a writing imbued with a post-modern aesthetic: mixing the tools and tricks of the past into decidedly modern, fiery, magic.

He writes for classical chamber ensembles, swinging jazz bands to complex orchestral fantasias and dabbles in electronica. Most recent works include an original Jewish / Catholic Mass for his wedding and a major work for trombone and string orchestra, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Vimy Ridge.

He has a Bachelor of Music, Honours in Theory and Composition from Western University (2010), a Master of Music from McGill University (2013), a Bachelor of Education from Ottawa University (2014), and is currently completing a Master in Education in Leadership, Evaluation, and Curriculum Studies. He’s studied under established Canadian composers Wayne Irschick, Brian Cherney, Chris Paul Harman, John Rea, Paul Frehner, Peter Paul Koprowski, and David Myska.

At the primary school he works as a music teacher, he instructs with a keen emphasis on student compositions, and himself can be found writing and arranging constantly for the young musicians on Orff instruments, ukuleles, recorders, guitars, and wind instruments. He believes that a music education is an ideal medium for teaching democratic education in the spirit of John Dewey. 

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