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Joanna Estelle

Joanna Estelle is a Canadian composer, lyricist, and arranger who has won the critical acclaim of audiences from Parliament Hill, Ottawa to London, England and Barcelona, Spain. 

Joanna studied classical piano and basic theory with the Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto) as a young person, but was not encouraged by her family to pursue music as a career. She graduated instead in Psychology and English, then went on to study management accounting. However, her enthusiasm for music and composition never waned and after pursuing private studies for several years with various teachers, she enrolled in part-time formal music studies at University of Ottawa (2001) while continuing to hold several high profile positions in the federal government.  Joanna graduated summa cum laude on the Dean's List as silver medalist in the Faculty of Arts (2009), then went on to complete a MA Music (Composition) at York University, Toronto (2011).

Since graduating, Joanna has studied privately with Larysa Kuzmenko at University of Toronto to prepare for future doctoral studies and currently serves as Chair of the Association of Canadian Composers. Her personal mission includes: creating national and international cultural infrastructures to promote Canadian women composers and their works through effective partnerships.  To this end, she has established the Joanna Estelle Commemorative Scholarship Fund as a bequest to the University of Ottawa to encourage other women to find their musical voices. Joanna is also committed to exploring the relationship between spirituality and creativity, particularly with respect to music.

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