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Robert Morin

Born in Canada, Robert Morin began studying music in Edmonton, Alberta at the Alberta College Conservatory of Music. At Alberta College, Morin studied classical and jazz guitar, as well as composition and theory. Morin went on to study music composition at both Grant MacEwan College and the University of Alberta and later pursued graduate studies in economics at Queen’s University in Kingston and in law at the University of Toronto. Since his formal training in music composition, Morin has continued to study music composition independently.

On the surface, the style of music that Morin composes can be described as contemplative, enigmatic and meditative. While Morin’s compositions are meant to be enjoyed within their own explicit aesthetic terms, it is important to appreciate the implicit mechanics that lie beneath the surface. Most fundamental to the mechanics is that the structural method employed is one of evolutionary and emergent processes. That is, the basic musical elements utilised (eg, melodic motifs, rhythms, and timbres) are evolved from prior expressions of themselves and adapted to one another through a delicately balanced iterative process whereby complex yet unified and euphonious aural patterns emerge.

Performances of Morin’s music have taken place, among others, in: Yerevan (Armenia); Ghent and Antwerp, at the Flanders Festival (Belgium); Edmonton, Fredericton, Moncton, Sackville and Ottawa (Canada); Athens (Greece); Kielce, Cracow and Warsaw (Poland); and Dallas (USA). Broadcasts of Morin’s works have taken place in Canada, Europe, and the United States. Morin’s works include pieces for various instrumental ensembles, as well as electroacoustic music.

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