Ottawa New Music Creators


Jan Jarvlepp

Jan Jarvlepp returned to his native Ottawa in 1981 after completing his doctoral studies in composition at the University of California, San Diego. He joined the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra and has been active as a composer, teacher, freelance cellist, recording technician and as a contractor for chamber music groups. In 1993, the OSO under David Currie performed his Camerata Music to an enthusiastic audience and in 1996 premiered his percussion concerto, called the Garbage Concerto, to an even more receptive audience. He has also had a woodwind quintet commissioned by the CBC and performed by the well-known Bel Canto Wind Quintet. His quintet Pierrot Solaire was a hit at the Ottawa Chamber Music Festival. His first CD "Soundtracks of the Imagination" has been broadcast by hundreds of radio stations around the world and used by choreographers in the USA. He is currently preparing a new CD release and is writing for various chamber music ensembles. 

Jarvlepp has been delving deeper and deeper into the world of pop-influenced contemporary “classical” composition. Since graduating from the University of California, he has turned his back on the avant-garde Modernism that he was rigorously trained in to concentrate on the emerging postmodern style. The result has been a series of refreshing and accessible pieces of music that appeal to a surprisingly wide cross-section of the public.

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