Ottawa New Music Creators


Program – Pft Trio!


Daniel Mehdizadeh* (b.1987-) - Scherzo for piccolo/flute, tuba, piano (2015)

**World premiere

Commissioned by the ONMC

Glenn Smith - Forowen for alto flute, tuba (1972)

Glenn Smith - Forowen 2 for C flute, tuba (1979)

Glenn Smith - Forowen 3 for piccolo, tuba (1979)

Derek Horemans* (b.1988-) - Folding Paper Cranes for flute, tuba, piano (2016) 

**World premiere

Daniel Pilon* (b.1957-) - La Claoune for piccolo, tuba (1979, corrected 1988) 


Sundar Subramanian* - When It Was OK for flute, tuba, prepared piano (2015)

**World premiere

Selected from the ONMC’s call for scores

Daniel Mehdizadeh - Flute Sonata for flute, piano (2012)

Daniel Mehdizadeh - Baron Cimetiere for tuba, piano (2015)

Claire Polin (1926-1995) - The Death of Procris (studies after a painting by Piere di Cosimo) for flute, tuba (1972-73)

1. Background

2. Foreground

Tibor Polgar* (1907-1993) - The Dwarf and the Giant (A Fairy Tale in Music) for piccolo, tuba, piano (1987)

*indicates Canadian composer

Curtis Perry