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Review: "An immersion in music from Pauline Oliveros and friends"

Alayne McGregor,

The music, almost eerie in feel, flowed from one side of the church to the other, as musicians took up and put down their instruments, each adding tonality or textures in response to another. Growls on trumpet and barks on trombone underlined the airiness of the flute and the light wails on erhu and cello. It reminded me of a large lake, with ripples appearing and disappearing on the surface. [...] I was particularly impressed with how well Weinroth-Browne's cello and Tung's erhu complemented each other [...] the two moved from almost classical romantic sounds to their antithesis in quick succession. [...] There was a dead silence for well over a minute and then, as the musicians relaxed their stances on stage, the audience rose for an extended standing ovation.

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Curtis Perry