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Three music creation podcasts you should try this fall

Now that the busy fall season is just around the corner, we thought we would offer a few recommendations if you're searching for new podcasts, or curious about getting into the medium. It's a great time to be a listener and creator of these shows, as you'll find with our three picks to get you started:

1) Song Exploder is a very unique program where musicians take apart their pieces of music – whether they be songs, selections from a soundtrack, or anything – and "tell the story of how they were made." Shows are usually about fifteen minutes long, and incredibly worthwhile.

Here's an example with guest Brian Reitzell, composer for the video game Watch Dogs.

2) Composer Conversations lasted a bit over a year, yielding sixty-seven interviews with composers primarily of the Euro-academic variety, with host Daniel Vezza (Berlin). Don't worry, no artspeak here. It's a surprisingly accessible, yet deep, foray into the creative life of our friends across the pond.

3) Lastly, Composer Quest is an ongoing show by Minneapolis resident Charlie McCarron that is ostensibly about the writing process, but I find it's at least as much about various issues about the business side of things, which is very helpful. This one is, however, tied to the Stitcher podcast network, unfortunately. Maybe consider this one as a "pick and choose" in your browser rather than subscribe scenario.

Of course, there are many more, and we'll revisit the topic in the future. For now, you should try these out!