Ottawa New Music Creators


Call for Scores: Ottawa Score Index – Deadline November 1st

Introducing the Ottawa Score Index – a broad-reaching educational initiative headed in consultation with ONMC board member Dr. Bernard Andrews, professor of music education at the University of Ottawa.

We are aiming to compile a broad range of works suitable for grades 7–12 and comprising 25 pieces at launch.

This initiative has been launched in order to:

  • Increase the number of works by Ottawa's composers in Ottawa’s schools;
  • Assess and formalize the level of difficulty of these works for educators’ reference;
  • Make it easier for schools to browse, try, and perform works by Ottawa's composers.

We elected to take on this role because:

  • There is no Canadian Music Centre Ottawa Branch, making it relatively difficult for Ottawa schools to access local works;
  • CMC scores are not easily searchable by their level of difficulty;
  • One of ONMC’s pillar initiatives is to bolster the role of composers and compositions in Ottawa schools.

We welcome all ONMC members to submit their scores with indication as how how we could use them. We expect four economic categories:

  • Scores we may link to an external site and describe;
  • Scores we may rent to schools (a library, aka the Canadian Music Centre's model);
  • Scores we may sell on behalf of the composer, and pay the composer the full rate less the cost of delivery;
  • Scores we may provide for free download.

We encourage you to send your scores to our consideration in advance of a formal launch in December. We intend on creating a networking event in conjunction with the Canadian League of Composers so that educators and composers can meet on the occasion of the launch of the Ottawa Score Index. We reserve the right not to accept any particular submission on the basis of pedagogical suitability.

Submit your work to; deadline November 1st.