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Jordan Nobles on the Importance of Venue (NMC)

National Music Centre, Calgary:

The idea is novel and the result is stunning to watch—even more so one would imagine, if experienced live. In this case, the church has been replaced by a pool and an audience of worshipers substituted with one of curious music lovers. Nobles’ interest in this pursuit derives from the ideas that form some of his core beliefs as they pertain to music. ‘You as an audience member are at the centre of the music,’ he explains, ‘basically the way we experience sound. You walk out on the street and you don’t hear sound coming from one direction, you hear it coming from all directions…I wanted to do music that did this as opposed to music that is projected at you from a stage.’

This is part of the beauty in what Nobles is attempting. He’s reconsidering the notion that music can be a visceral experience—one that can awe and affect us through multiple senses—something that has recently been missing in classical music. ‘If people experience the piece differently, they’ll have more openness to it,’ says Nobles, revealing some of the intention behind his projects. ‘Suddenly, they walk into a building they may have been in many times before, a place they usually don’t associate with music and all the preconditions they usually have in a concert hall go away.’ This idea has absorbed Nobles to the point of creating, alongside a number of other Vancouver composers, an organization devoted to the promotion and presentation of his and other composers’ music.

Under the moniker Redshift, they have successfully hosted events in Vancouver that are drawing ever-increasing crowds.

Choice of venue is something we're definitely considering as we draft the 2014-15 season.