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A Q&A with Ensemble Paramirabo workshop participant Venessa Lachance

Last week, Ottawa New Music Creators put on the final concert of the 13-14 season – a one-two punch of a workshop reading session and concert with the electrifying quintet, Ensemble Paramirabo. Ottawa francophone composer Venessa Lachance was one of the participants at the reading, and I had a chance to briefly chat with her about the works she had workshopped, in addition to the overall creative process...

Curtis Perry: What was the inspiration for your piece?

Venessa Lachance: Bijoux aux Fraises and Pistache are solo piano pieces that try to illustrate desserts. These titles are suggestions about the pictures one can have in their mind while playing or listening to them, but everybody is welcome to create their own interpretation of the pieces.

CP: How was your experience working with Ensemble Paramirabo?

2014-05-30 17.17.10.jpg

VL: It is very enjoyable to listen to someone that spent time learning my pieces. It is always a pleasure since it enables me to see the difference between what I had in my mind and what others can see in my music.

CP: What motivates you to keep writing?

VL: Creation is my main goal as a person.

CP: Are you primarily an instrumental composer? You’d stated before that you have a preference for film music – is that still true, and why or why not?

VL: I write a lot for piano, but I also write for other instruments and for drama plays. Joining the music to a visual artistic component is very fascinating for me. This is probably why I try to create pictures in my purely instrumental pieces.

CP: Any upcoming plans we should know about/ where can listeners find you on the web?

VL: I just released my first album in May 2014. It’s an album of my original piano compositions. For the summer, I am also the Music Director for Turcaret the Financier produced by Odyssey Theater in Ottawa. 

CP: Any other thoughts?

VL: Thank you so much for supporting composers!

Our thanks and congratulations to Ensemble Paramirabo and the workshop participants for a fitting end to the season. Look forward to an exciting announcements for 14-15 in September – until then, you can keep up with ONMC via this blog, or on Twitter @OttawaNew!