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Listen Back: Ryan Purchase's 'Morphology of a Lover'

There are so many excellent recorded projects out there spearheaded by Ottawa composers, we don't know where to begin – but begin we must!

Trombonist and composer Ryan Purchase's 'Morphology of a Lover' stands out both as a successful work culled from expert improvising musicians as much as it does as an exemplar of crowdfunding success, raising $3200 in the space of two months last fall on IndieGoGo to bootstrap the project. 

According to Purchase: 

This project is a whole new way for me to create music. One by one, I recorded some of my favourite improvising musicians. I’d guide their improvisations in certain ways (through imagery, or by requesting something high-energy, or something more sparse), and record everything that came out of those sessions. Sometimes, they’d be listening to something from a previous session through their headphones - sometimes not. In the end, I had about 7 hours of raw material. I broke those 7 hours up into hundreds of little chunks between 10 seconds and 5 minutes long, and then I reassembled those chunks into a cohesive piece of chamber music.

Listen to a (due to the improvisatory nature of the project, different) live version here, and purchase Purchase (sorry, had to) on iTunes or CD Baby.